Monday, 26 February 2018


Well what a strange couple of weeks we've had down here on Cardiff Bay. The weather has been alternating between freezing cold and brilliant warm sunshine. And its only February! 

Saturday I worked at my laptop with the apartment door open it was that warm. Yet Sunday I was freezing due to the cold front coming on from the Bristol Channel. And today, Monday, we are back to the sunshine bit with a wind blowing. I wish it would make it's mind up.

A week last Saturday I was asked to redo the video interview I did for a students media class. The original one had been taken inside the Millennium Theatre Centre and was too noisy so I invited the young girl Runzezi to come to the apartment. What an afternoon we had. Having been sat chatting for awhile about the English language (Runzezi is Chinese) we were shocked when the apartment started to shake and the TV began to rock back and forwards on its stand. I honestly thought a large truck had hit the building. However, it turned out we had an earthquake.

WHAT! I hear you say. In Cardiff Bay, South Wales. Never...... Well yes we had. In fact the whole of South Wales into England felt the effect. At least some did. It was exceedingly strange because some did and some didn't feel anything; even those who were supposedly over the epicentre of the quake? Of course when I told my husband about it he asked if we had been drinking ha ha. I must admit it was a bit of a shock at M4.7 as it is only the second time I have ever experienced such a thing. The first time being in Taiwan a couple of years ago and that was M6.9.

Anyway we managed to get the video done and the whole interview and write can be seen on:

Not bad for a student doing media and journalistic studies in a foreign language. Mind you it was quite strange talking about oneself as well!!

Monday, 12 February 2018


Well it's been quite an interesting time since I last wrote something here. For a start I am now another year older! I was going to put a comment about getting old but to be honest I'm not really bothered. I just keep telling myself (and everyone else) that I'm only 31. The reason for this is I decided to start going backwards in birthday years once I hit 50. That means I will be 30 next year. (In reality 70.) So maybe I'll start coming forwards again? My daughter tells me if I don't she will cease to exist by the time I get to 21 ha ha. I have also decided to have more than just one 'birth day' and have spread the celebrations out over a couple of weeks, maybe a month. It's a lot more fun that way. Perhaps I'm making up for all the parties I never had as a kid??
I've also been busy completing a friend's website. She's an artist who creates brilliant pictures and murals for kids but her website was so out-dated it needed to be brightened up. I've made it full of colour with some lovely images of her work. Totally different to the original. Fortunately she loves it.
This week I also completed two interviews. The first one has gone live on the ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors) Blog. Reads great. In fact sounds better than when I originally answered the questions lol. You can read it by clicking this link:
The second interview was for a student from Cardiff Uni. Runzezi is Chinese and is in her final year doing Media and Journalistic Studies. We met at a local Art gallery and got talking and she asked if she could interview me. Always one to chat I said yes. What should have been about an hour and a half turned into three hours. It was good fun. We talked about all sorts of stuff not just my writing. She's off back to China later this year but I hope to keep in touch with her. Waiting now for the finished result to go live.